Connect your mobile apps to the cloud the easy way

Code Lab 11:00am

The best Android apps are connected to the cloud. Find out how Microsoft's Azure can add the backend capabilities you need, including push notifications, authentication and data, to your Android applications in minutes. See how easy it is to work with structured data in the cloud using our native SDK, including support for offline data sync. Send push notifications at scale in a single line of code. You can even secure your data with Node.js server scripts for authorization and more. There'll be very few slides, plenty of live coding and lots of demos... open to both novice and experienced developers.

Yavor Georgiev, Microsoft

Yavor is a Program Manager on the Azure team at Microsoft, focusing on building connected mobile apps. He spent the last couple of years building open-source frameworks to make the cloud accessible from any device. You can find him at  and @theYavor on Twitter. In his spare time, Yavor is an avid outdoor enthusiast, mountaineer, and skier.