10 ways to Improve Your Android App Performance

UES 11:50am

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As a Developer Advocate at Google, I am exposed to a large number of various Android apps. I want to bring together several rules of thumb to make your Android app better, while avoiding the common pitfalls.

* Deprecated APIs
* System/OS abuse
* Memory Leaks
* Consistent App structure
* Optimizations
* Method count
* 3rd party libs

Boris Farber, Google

Android and JVM Programming Expert. I enjoy the challenges of design, languages and frameworks. I aim for simple solutions to complex problems.As a Developer Advocate I help promote Android APIs. I act as a bridge between internal teams and developers building apps and solutions on top of Android APIs.- Consult about Android App structure and effective practices- Present in major conferences about Android framework- Solve Android issues around runtime, framework and JNI