Android Developer Options: What can those toggles do for me?

Downtown 11:00am

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Testing an app on your perfect Nexus 5 device under perfect network conditions works great, but you're getting reports of strange behavior from the wild and weird crashes that you can't reproduce. This talk will walk through some of the more complex options on the Developer Options screen in the Android OS and discuss how a developer can use them to debug problems in their application. Topics covered include: showing surface updates to help you find layout loops in your app, showing layout bounds to get your views pixel perfect, and aggressively killing processes and activities to ensure that your app performs well under stress. We'll cover these options and more as we dive deep into debugging apps.

Andrea Falcone, Twitter/Fabric

Andrea Falcone is a senior software engineer at Twitter, working on the Beta by Crashlytics and the Fabric platform. She has developed for the Fabric and Crashlytics Android SDKs and tools (plugins for Ant, Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ, Android Studio and Eclipse!) as well as the Beta by Crashlytics Android app.