Android Metaprogramming

UWS 4:30pm

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Do you like clean, dry, reusable code? Sure, we all do. For some use cases the cleanest and most efficient way to build and maintain a feature is to get meta. Are you ready to level up your developer skills? Metaprogramming is working with code that works with your code. Aspects, annotations, bytecode manipulation, runtime wizardry. What is possible? What unique limitations and opportunities exist when working within Android code? This will be a practical guide to Android metaprogramming from a cross-platform native SDK and app developer.

Audrey Troutt, Tune

Audrey Troutt is a senior software engineer at Tune, building tools for mobile marketers and app developers to optimize user engagement. Previously, Audrey was the director of mobile development at SnipSnap. Before that she led Android and iOS SDK development at Artisan Mobile in Philadelphia. In addition to being a polyglot programmer and full-stack developer with seven years experience, Audrey is passionate about clean code, beautiful apps, automation and vibrant communities.