Better Code Through Lint and Checkstyle

Midtown 11:00am

Nearly every Android developer has heard of the Lint and Checkstyle tools - however few use either to its full power, if at all. In addition to maintaining a consistent code style, we will see how to enforce architecture conventions and even prevent wrong usage of both internal and your own APIs.

For example, you have a fancy BaseFragment which should be extended by all your Fragments, or you have a custom logger which should be used instead of android.util.Log. Both of these are perfect use cases for custom Lint checks. This session will show you how to configure Checkstyle and Lint to your liking, and how to use their APIs to create custom checks, as well as how to include both in your Gradle-based project.

Marc Prengemann, Wire Swiss GmbH

Marc has been an Android developer for over three years - including work for major German publisher Süddeutsche Zeitung and for Facebook's Android Messenger team in Menlo Park. He is currently based in Berlin, working on the Wire messenger app and doing his Masters in Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin. Marc has a Bachelor in Business Computer Science and in Mathematics. He previously spoke at the Droidcon Berlin 2015: