Genymotion for Application testing and Continuous Integration

UES 11:50am

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Targeted audience : Intermediate Android developers and CI administrators.

How the new Genymotion command line tool and the Gradle plugin can help you run your automated tests? Integrate your virtual devices into your CI server, create the devices automatically, start them, run your tests, grab the logs then trash everything: every test should be done on a brand new device!

During this session, we will show you how to define your devices through the command line tool or in your Gradle script, when to run your test scripts, how to grab your logs and clean the place. We will also explain how to integrate those features into your preferred CI tool and make the best of it.

Then close your eyes, press the button, relax, the robots will do the work for

Sylvain Galand,

Sylvain is an Android developer @Genymobile Paris. He gave some talks, wrote some stuff, open-sourced few lines of codes and worked on Android since Day 1. He loves beer, Genymotion and sharks.
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Antonin is an Android expert at Genymobile, in France. Formerly a design and conception engineer, he is now the Genymotion Scrum Master. During his spare time, he is also Event Organizer at Paris Android User Group, writes technical articles, gives talks, develops Android applications, and tries to conquer the world.
+AntoninFouques @cmoatoto
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