Mastering RecyclerView Layouts

Midtown 1:30pm

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RecyclerView is a popular new item among developers for the flexibility that it provides in displaying collection views. At the heart of this flexible new API lies the ability for the developer to define that placement of child views in the collection using an external layout manager. Google has provided a good number of built-in managers for simple cases, but what if you want to go beyond that?

In this session we will explore the features of layout managers provided by the framework for displaying items in lists and grids. We will then dive into the API for building your own layout manager to gain full control over how RecyclerView displays views for your collection.

Dave Smith, NewCircle

Dave Smith is the Android Lead at NewCircle, where he focuses on development and maintenance of courseware materials—training developers on all levels of the Android stack. Over the past six years, he has developed applications and embedded the Android platform into devices for the entertainment industry and testing laboratories.