Realm: Building a mobile database

Downtown 3:30pm

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SQLite was revolutionary when it launched in 2000 but developing mobile apps in 2015 is a very different beast than it was 15 years ago, and our notion of what a “phone” or “app” is has changed drastically.

Realm has benefited from the last decade of innovation in order to create a new mobile-first database that is faster than SQLite and easier to use.

This talk will take a deep dive into the underlying ideas and architecture behind Realm and lessons learned while building a new database API for Android.

Christian Melchior, Realm

Christian's an Android developer focused on making Realm's Android SDK the default choice for developers. He has a strong love for clean, approachable code that's fast to boot.

Prior to Realm, he got a MSc. in Computer Science and built award-winning apps at Trifork. When he's not coding, he enjoys wearing out hiking boots and trying to teach his two small children how to hunt dragons.