Monetizing apps on the Play Store: Integrating In-app Billing in your Android App

UWS 4:20pm

Thinking about monetizing your app on the Play Store but not sure where to start? Android documentation driving you crazy? This talk pieces together all the information in one place and will take you through all the steps required to implement an in-app billing solution on Android for multiple product types.

There are two kinds of payments available to developers: One time payments and Recurring payments. At the end of this talk, you will learn how to

Yash Prabhu, DramaFever

Yash Prabhu is a Senior Software Engineer and Android Team Lead at DramaFever who has been developing Android apps since 2010. She has given talks at Android Alliance Philadelphia, Girl Develop it Philly and AnDevCon Boston 2015. In her spare time, she volunteers at Girl Develop It Philly and Code For Philly as a mentor and teaching assistant and helps run study groups in Java. Yash has a Computer Science Masters degree from University of Pennsylvania.