Adding a new ingredient to Location-Based AR

UWS 10:10am

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Augmented Reality is a popular technique that developers have been using to show extra information on top of the real-world view using mobile devices, i'm sure you've seen apps where you point the camera at a market and 3D image pops out, this its what this is about.

In this session i will show you the basics of AR, how to integrate it in your projects and how to add ibeacons to the equation using open sourced libraries.

Noe Branagan,

Mobile developer since 2010, passionate about teaching and speaking, active contributor to the developer community in Santo Domingo as organizer, likes to collaborate with anything related with developers. Serves as a mentor/coach for events like startup weekends or hackathons. Co-founder of META is a non-profit organization with the objective to help the local dev community, code review for Udacity and Currently lead developer and the main Android developer at Orange R&D skill center where they focus in B2B Apps.