Animation to Guide Us All - How animations can improve the User Experience of your application

Downtown 1:30pm

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After the introduction of Material Design and Android Lollipop, animations and great design finally got the attention they deserve. New concepts have been introduced and finally a guideline exists. But Material Design goes way further than just elevations, cards and beautiful colors. Animations now are a big factor and play an important role in applications, a role that is not only related to a wow factor, but actually animations are a big friend of the User Experience of an App.

We will go through transition animations that helps the user understand how your app works and how to guide him in the easiest way possible and I'll show some do and donts of navigation and animation made by some popular apps. We'll also talk some UX points so you can plan better how the user will navigate through your app. After that, you will never think about animation in the same way again!

This talk is an evolution of my well received talk at Droidcon Montreal, this time, following the request of many people, I'll have some example codes and some application demos to show how to achieve some animations in code.

Marcos Paulo Damasceno, Shopify

Marcos is a passionate developer from Brazil who has been working with Android since 2010. He loves simple and beautiful UX and UI and is always focused on important small details and what makes mobile apps great. He is passionate about startups and tries his best to help early stage startups build great Android apps and awesome products. He is also a Google Expert in Android. Marcos is actively involved in the community, organizing the GDG in Montreal, speaking at many conferences around the world and being a mentor in events like Startup Weekends and various hackathons. Since moving to Montreal in 2013, Marcos has developed great apps for large companies and startups in Canada working for some amazing Canadian companies like TransitApp and Mirego. Now Marcos is working in some amazing apps for Shopify to help make e-commerce great for everyone!