Painless UI Testing

Downtown 3:45pm

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What if you could get your UI tests to run as fast as your unit tests?

- you would write more tests
- you would feel happy writing the tests
- your managers would be pleased with you not goofing around with that new testing framework around the corner

Using patterns of yore (like Martin Fowler's supervising controller, effective use of presenters and view model state) we're going to tackle everyday-real-annoying impediments to UI testing. We'll address what parts of the UI need testing and effective ways of testing them.

The objective of the talk is to prove to the world that the title of this talk is not an oxymoron.

Kaushik Gopal, Instacart

I work as the resident Android nerd for Wedding Party, a startup in the Bay Area. I'm in charge of our Android app right from the stages of translating designs to feature implementation. also co-host an Android developer podcast called "Fragmented".