Tools of the Trade

UWS 11:00am

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This talk will tour one of the most understated resources in the Android developer arsenal: the support tools.

Learn how to enrich your methods and classes using annotations, so that Lint and Android Studio will be able to spot errors for you. Or use IntelliJ annotations to define contracts, and let the IDE warn you of potential issues before you even run your code once. Take advantage of the tools namespace to bend even the most cryptic XML resource to your will.

Sebastiano Poggi, Novoda

Emerging from the foggy plains of northern Italy, where he left his job at a wearables startup, Sebastiano moved to London aiming to put his curls at the service of great Android apps. Regularly speaking at conferences and blogging got him into the Google Developer Expert programme in 2014. Now he spends his time obsessing over UI and UX details while coding some rather cool apps at Novoda.