Vector All The Things

Downtown 11:50am

VectorDrawable was a hugely important introduction in Lollipop and could be available to those who cannot minSdkVersion="21" if/when the compat library is released.

Mark Allison, GDE for Android, writer of will provide an overview of VectorDrawable and provide some easy to understand examples of how powerful they can be.

This talk will be aimed at experienced Android developers but will be understandable to those who are unfamiliar with SVG.

Mark Allison, Styling Android Limited

I'm the author of, GDE for Android, and Android dev.

I'm passionate about engineering user delight and all things UI / UX.

I see IoT technologies as hugely important over the next few years - the possibilities are mind-blowing.

I love scotch malt whisky. Give me whisky and you'll be a friend for life!

I will be brining a limited supply of Styling Android pins to Droidcon NYC Anyone who asks nicely (or even asks horribly) will get one*.

* while stocks last