Keynote: Android is the World Phone

Midtown 9:20am

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Android is the most popular operating system in the world and growing rapidly.

Emerging markets are where most of the mobile growth over the next decade will occur, but there are too few solutions that specifically target (or even consider) their needs. Building solutions that serve all of your customers will become increasingly more important.

We will explore emerging use cases, technical challenges, and social challenges you will encounter when serving these markets. You will walk away with guidelines to write globally inclusive applications in order to make a broader global impact.

How will you impact the next billion?

Corey Latislaw, Green Life Software Development

Corey Leigh Latislaw is an Android Google Developer Expert (GDE) who has written several high-profile Android applications at companies large and small. By day, she writes applications that work flawlessly offline to help OffGrid Electric power a million homes in Africa. At night, she authors videos and books on Android programming, runs an Android consulting firm, and organizes the Philadelphia GDG. She is passionate about sketchnoting, travel, local food, the outdoors, and photography.