Monetizing Free-to-Play: Finding the Right Balance between In-App Purchases vs. Ads

UWS 3:30pm

In-app purchases comprise a large share of in-game revenue today but are driven by paying power users (a.k.a ‘whales’) which typically make up less than five percent of the total user base. Ads can supplement monetization for the remaining ninety-five percent of non-paying users, but concerns around cannibalization and user experience for the whales prevents developers from implementing ads. As the gaming industry moves toward a hybrid of monetization models, targeting users across platforms becomes key. How do you show the right screen to the right user at the right time?

Naman Goel,

Naman Goel, Mobile Evangelist, Google

Naman joined Google in 2013, currently working to help developers maximize mobile apps potential. He also works closely with the AdMob team focusing on mobile monetization. Prior to his time at Google, Naman worked at Goldman Sachs in the Equities Trading Technology Division for five years. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Arizona State University.