What’s New in Android UI Engineering

Midtown 9:20am

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A round-up of some of the latest new tools and frameworks that help you make amazing, beautiful, and very material Android UIs.

Roman Nurik, Google Inc.

Roman Nurik, Design Advocate
Roman Nurik is a designer and design advocate at Google NYC, working on Android as well as designer and developer tools. Since 2009, he's worked with hundreds of design and development teams on their Android UX, and shared a plethora of demos, libraries, articles and videos with the greater Android design and developer communities. He is also the creator of Android popular apps like the FORM Watchface for Android Wear, Muzei and DashClock and the former co-host of Android Design in Action.

Nick Butcher, Google

Nick Butcher, Android Design/Developer Advocate, Google
Nick is a Android Design/Developer Advocate in Google's London office where he helps designers and developers to create sublime mobile apps. He has been making Android apps for over 5 years and has worked with hundreds of companies to help them to make the most of the platform. Nick is a frequent contributor to the official android developers blog, conference speaker, host of Google Developers shows (Android Design in Action, Android Office Hours, DevBytes), co-author of the 'Android Design for Developers' Udacity course and shares pro-tips on Google+ and Github.  Nick has worked on Google apps such as Google I/O and Android Device Manager. Recently Nick has been focused on helping designers and developers to understand and create beautiful material design apps.

Chris Banes, Google

Chris Banes, Developer Programs Engineer
Chris Banes is an engineer working on the Android Support Libraries at Google, most notably AppCompat, Design lib and Palette. He has worked on Android development for over 6 years, from open source libraries to media apps, social networks and more. Chris has recorded/authored a number of developer resources including video DevBytes, blog posts and a training class. Chris holds a degree in Computer Science from Aston University and currently resides in London.