Facebook Performance

Breakout - Upstairs Big 10:10am

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The Facebook platform is supported by a diverse ecosystem of developers working tirelessly to make sure things are running smoothly. With over a billion users regularly accessing the mobile app and site and numerous partners building upon the platform each day, there is a constant need to tackle performance issues associated with a platform of this scale. As such, Facebook has built a dedicated Android infrastructure team in New York focused on improving feed rendering and seamlessness of posts -- no easy feat when you consider the wide range of people, brands, and entities sharing content spanning text, video, photos, reshares, and more.

In a continued effort to improve speed and reliability, Facebook’s Android infrastructure engineers rewrote the feed rendering so stories are split into logical sections rather than as an entire single post. This design was inspired by problems exposed when trying to present a rich and diverse feed, such as a deep view hierarchy, poor scroll performance and testability.

In this session, hear from Omer Strulovich, Software Engineer at Facebook New York, on how Facebook rethought the process for feed rendering on Android to result in a quicker, smoother scrolling experience for users, and improved developer velocity. Omer will detail specific problems his team addressed, including: reduced scroll performance, implementation of customizations where Android's defaults were not efficient, and deep view hierarchy.

Omer Strulovich, Facebook

Omer Strulovich is an Android Engineer at Facebook New York, where he works on newsfeed and testing frameworks. Previously, he worked on the Android Infrastructure team optimizing internationalization of the Facebook Android app in London. He has a BS in Software Engineering (summa cum laude), and an MS in Computer Science from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.