You want that view to do what?!

Breakout - Upstairs Small 11:00am

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Historically, Android has been notorious for making it difficult to create great looking apps with awesome functionality. As the platform has evolved, so have the UI tools and widgets to help you on the front end. 

As a developer focusing on how your app looks, how can you take the bare bones default UI that your engineer gives you, and make it into something that your designer would be happy with?

This talk will focus on some of Android's essential UI components - ListViews, ListViewAdapters, and ViewPagers - and will show you how you can work with them to create the UI that you want.

Patricia Estridge, Touch Lab

Patricia (Paddy) Estridge is an Android UX Engineer at Touch Lab, New York's premier Android agency. Formerly a student of Hacker School, New York, and Google Project and Community Manager for the Middle Eastern and Emerging Markets regions. 

Since leaving Google Dubai in February 2013 to pursue her own projects, she has become a passionate student of programming, and is currently having a lot of fun with the Android front end at Touch Lab.