Home screen widgets and live wallpapers

Breakout - Upstairs Big 11:00am

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Home screen widgets and live wallpapers are a powerful innovation available only on the Android platform. These tools allow users to view a summary of real time information from your Android apps and can serve as a shortcut to opening your app. In this talk I will give an overview of two important pieces of behavioral science - the glance-able display and the quantitative self. After a design discussion covering lessons learned from the Stanford Design School on a Medical School research project I will cover the essentials of how to code these remote views. Live wallpapers and home screen widgets will come to life. The design discussion is quite relevant to the new Android Wear APIs.
Attendees will learn the steps required to create these features through a slide presentation and sample code.

Elizabeth Mezias, Applico, Inc.

Elizabeth is an experienced computing professional. She has been to 4 Google I/O conferences and got to be both a Google Glass Pioneer and Explorer. Since 2008 her work is on Android apps as a mobile app architect and developer. This continues a long history with the Java platform starting at Sun in the '90s (JDK 1.1.4).

Elizabeth is able to communicate complex technical ideas to other engineers as well as lay people, having been both an Individual Contributor as well as a Director of Technical Support. She is making connections in Boston after many years in Silicon Valley working with a diverse group of technologists in small, private start-ups and at large corporations like Adobe Systems.

Miss Mezias hails from Bridgeport, CT. Her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from San Francisco State University included valuable early work as a campus consultant for Steve Jobs at NeXT, Inc. For her, technology is a passion and she is continually building her skill set.