A Startup Guide to a Winning Android Design

Breakout - Upstairs Big 2:20pm

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This talk will explore in detail some of the proven IA and UX methodologies to deploy when designing new products. These methodologies focus on objectives, growth and getting to the core of the customer value.
In today’s world it can often be difficult to address whether function is more important over form, and this tried and true mentality may not always be valid with brand having such high value in our culture. 

Making the decision of giving priority to one over the other isn't always clearcut, though, and in the best products, it appears that visual design and UX blend together seamlessly.

We will explore these and other concepts in this session while always retaining the goal of building and preparing a new product design for success. 

Valerie Lisyansky, SWARM

Valerie Lisyansky is a product strategist, user experience, and visual designer based in NYC. With her 8 years of experience she has helped clients get products to market that are elegant and embody their brand story at every user interaction.

Her understanding of the unique needs between different types of consumers allows her to create carefully crafted solutions for every client, and with a results-driven approach to product her work always reinforces the client’s business objectives.

Valerie graduated from Parsons The New School for Design with a BFA degree in Illustration & Design.