Image Filter Options in Android

Breakout - Main Floor 2:20pm

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With increased UI/UX demands, image filters are arguably no longer the domain of speciality apps. The talk will cover using Renderscript/Filterscript to alter your content images and touch upon more advanced ways like OpenGL ES 2.0 shader language.

Morrison Chang, Medialets

Morrison is a veteran software developer currently at Medialets Inc, a premier mobile ad tech company. He started out working on embedded programming in C and assembly at Symbol Technologies (now Motorola Solutions), slid into finance touching Perl, more C/C++, SQL, and, Java (at famous and infamous names), and now involved in mobile. He got his G1/ADP back in 2009 and is a commit level/lead member of the Skylight1 open source project. A known face in around the NYC Android scene, he has presented at BarCamp NYC, NYPC’s Java Mobile Group, and AnDevCon. Morrison received his BS in Computer & System Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and his MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California.