Developing mobile apps for emerging markets.

Breakout - Main Floor 3:30pm

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Emerging markets has seen significant economic development over the last couple years, many people continue to lack access to quality essential services. However, 80% of the population do have access to, or individually own, a mobile phone and the technology offers a channel through which access to financial, utilities, employment, education and other services can be offered to the underserved at scale.

Emerging markets mean more opportunities for those capable of cover the particular needs. In this talk we will explore different strategies that we have used to approach these this markets.

Noe Branagan,

Mobile developer since 2010, passionate about teaching and speaking, active contributor to the developer community in Santo Domingo as organizer, likes to collaborate with anything related with developers. Serves as a mentor/coach for events like startup weekends or hackathons. Co-founder of META is a non-profit organization with the objective to help the local dev community, code review for Udacity and Currently lead developer and the main Android developer at Orange R&D skill center where they focus in B2B Apps.