Building Maintainable Android Applications

Breakout - Upstairs Small 5:10pm

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All too often mobile apps get to the point where they are collapsing under their own weight, and the engineering team throws up their hands and say ‘we have to rewrite it!’. This talk will give a strategy for building Android applications that don’t turn into “legacy code” in 12 months. We will cover Android specific architecture, testing patterns, best practices, and tools that help teams build large scale apps successfully.

Kevin Schultz, Facebook

Kevin Schultz is a software developer at Facebook. He was previously a Senior Software Engineer at Gilt Groupe, and worked on the team building Gilt’s new native Android application. Prior to Gilt he was the Lead Mobile Engineer at Lua Technologies.

Kevin began his career as a mechanical engineer designing nuclear submarines for General Dynamics Electric Boat. He carries the lessons learned about quality and lean manufacturing over to his software work with a focus on automated testing and continuous delivery. 

He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Delaware.