The Guardian Project: Developers… Encrypt All the Things!

Breakout - Upstairs Big 5:10pm

Learn how to use SQLCipher, IOCipher and NetCipher, three open-source developer libraries, to protect, defend and encrypt your on-device databases, local file storage, and network communications from all kinds of threats. The tutorial will walk through how these enhanced APIs are different from the stock Android APIs, review their security features in depth, and discuss real-world threat models apps face. You will work on sample projects, as well as real, complex shipping applications that incorporate the software, will also be dissected. This is a hands-on session, where you will walk away with what you need to better protect your users and their data, using freely licensed, open-source tools.

Mark Murphy, CommonsWare, LLC

Mark Murphy is the founder of CommonsWare and the author of "The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development". He is active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions on Stack Overflow to publishing sample code and reusable components as open source.