Keynote: Unleash Your Creativity with the Cloud

Main Room 9:20am

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The best apps are connected to the cloud. Enhancing your app with cloud data, authentication, and push notifications opens up truly transformative user experiences that cannot be matched by local-only apps. Microsoft's Azure cloud platform provides a fast and easy way to cloud-enable your app without writing any server code. With our commitment to community technologies and open source, you'll feel right at home. 

Come join us for this fun-filled, demo-filled talk... with a special unannounced surprise twist. 

Yavor Georgiev, Microsoft

Yavor is a Program Manager on the Azure team at Microsoft, focusing on building connected mobile apps. He spent the last couple of years building open-source frameworks to make the cloud accessible from any device. You can find him at  and @theYavor on Twitter. In his spare time, Yavor is an avid outdoor enthusiast, mountaineer, and skier.