Google Cast

Breakout - Main Floor 11:00am

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Google recently launched Google Cast, a technology that enables devices to send and control content over multiple screens. The platform is easy to get started with and is a delight to play with! I’ll explain how the sender/receiver mechanism works, and delve into the code of an Android sender app and the simple web app on a $35 Chromecast dongle. I’ll expand on the extensibility of the platform and show ways in which you can enhance your existing apps to benefit from the Big Screen.

Paul Lammertsma, Pixplicity

Paul stumbled his way into mobile technologies through mobile device interaction and his need to scratch an itch for entrepreneurship. Co-founding Pixplicity in 2011, Paul has helped grow the company into a familiar name between Dutch app builders, with brands such as De Telegraaf, Consumentenbond and Mercedes-Benz. His passion for Android has always compelled him to keep up with the latest developments and share knowledge by contributing into the open-source and co-organizing GDG The Dutch Android User Group. He can frequently be seen giving 'as-technical-as-technically-possible' tech talks & workshops at conferences across the globe.