Security on the Android Platform

Breakout - Upstairs Small 3:30pm

Speaker Elissa Shevinsky is CEO of Glimpse, an end to end encrypted app. We'll review security and privacy considerations when building for Android. Using popular apps like Snapchat, Yo, and Secret as examples, we'll do a deep dive into best practices for avoiding some of the most basic (but pervasive) hacks on social networks. We'll end with an overview of security differences at the hardware level, comparing security vulnerabilities recently uncovered in Apple (by iOS forensics expert Jonathan Zdzieraski) to the high security hardware being developed for Android (such as the Blackphone, by leading cryptographers Jon Callas and Dan Ford.)

Elissa Shevinsky, Glimpse

Elissa Shevinsky (aka "LADYBOSS") is CEO of Glimpse. Glimpse is an easy to use app for sharing encrypted photo and video messages. Currently available only for iOS7, Shevinsky can't wait to release for Android. Shevinsky has been making software since 1999, when web applications were still bleeding edge. Find her on Glimpse under username "ladyboss" ( or on Twitter as @ElissaBeth.