Gradlin': Nuts and bolts

Main Room 2:20pm

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Etsy loves Gradle. We use it for all our builds, and have it integrated with our Jenkins / CI jobs to run all of our tests, lints, builds, update version numbers, and deploy our internal releases.

Everyone should love Gradle. This talk will get the audience acquainted with the Groovy/Gradle DSL, and then move into some really sweet ways you can clean up and reuse your build code (for multiproject builds and plugins).

What this talk will cover:
- Groovy basics: closures, filtering, variable declaration, classes
- Gradle primitives: files, tasks, configurations
- Gradle execution phases: configuration and execution
- Setting up a multiproject build
- Writing a Gradle plugin to make reusable build logic: I'll walk through the process we went through to set up a simple Gradle plugin we use at Etsy to keep our tablet layouts synced across multiple screen resolutions.

Lisa Neigut, Etsy

Lisa Neigut is an Android Developer at Etsy, the Brooklyn-based marketplace for handmade goods. Originally from Texas, she came to NYC as a part of the Hacker School batch of summer 2012. She's been building Android apps for the better part of 3 years. You can find her on Twitter as @niftynei, or her follow her infrequently updated blog at