Writing battery efficient GPS and location based apps.

Breakout - Upstairs Big 3:30pm

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Many applications can benefit from having near-real time background location updates. However, due to battery concerns many apps attempt this but eventually shy away from it. This talk will talk about tips and best practices on how to achieve this including the settings and techniques like geofencing. We'll also talk about best tools and brute force approaches to track battery usage so that you can baseline and improve your apps' battery performance without giving away accuracy and key use cases.

Arun Nagarajan,

Arun Nagarajan is the founding engineer at NYC startup still in stealth mode. Prior to that, Arun was Tech Lead at Google working on the Developer Platform team. Arun has been working on mobile devices and applications since the early BlackBerry days. Arun has a BS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Arun resides in New York City but still loves the outdoors.