Cyborg Cowboys & Cylon Cowgirls: The Wild West frontier of the Android technology landscape

Breakout - Upstairs Small 2:20pm

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The Android ecosystem is exploding, and the tools of our trade are evolving rapidly with it. Unlike the world of web development, where there are many emergent “go to” patterns and solutions, we are faced with myriads of new choices every day. Analytics, metrics, A/B testing, continuous integration, testing & coverage, crash reporting, etc.: all of these are relatively new concepts in the Android app development landscape, with many approach alternatives floating around for each. How does one choose? Let’s talk about selecting the right stack to propel your app to success!

Victor Kovalev, Indiegogo

Victor Kovalev is Indiegogo’s Vice President of Engineering, leading the amazing technical team that brings the world’s funding engine to life. His experience and passion lie in building engineering-driven cultures that foster radical innovation. Prior to Indiegogo, Victor was the Director of Engineering at Yelp where he led the launch of Yelp’s Kindle app, the Yelp Platform and Yelp Deals. He simultaneously grew the business’s Android, iPhone and iPad apps, as well as the Yelp for Business Owners website. He also worked at VMware and Authernative, has a BS CompE & MS CS from Georgia Tech, and is a composer & musician on the side.