WunderBar: BLE sensors for Android developers

Breakout - Upstairs Small 11:50am

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With the rise of bluetooth enabled prototyping hardware boards we are witnessing a new generation of wireless hardware accessories emerging. Most hobbyist electronics projects today use the smartphone as an interacting interface via some kind of wireless connection.
relayr created the WunderBar to enable app developers to quickly apps with physical components. But an unexpected outcome was to see hardware tinkerers become app developers, because their projects need an app.

In this talk I will showcase my own story of how I developed an Android App for a gadget used to help keep my insulin safe. most of the talk is about the overlap app/device and best practives to produce an Android-compatible BLE gadget.

Amin Zayani, relayr.io

Ex-COO at Fritzing. Solar energy expert by education, self-taught tinkerer and coder. Enjoys making things that blink, move and make noise. Loves to travel carrying electronics boxes.