Implementing Growth Oriented Design at the Heart of your Product

Breakout - Main Floor 3:30pm

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Implementing Growth Oriented Design at the Heart of your Product - Learn how to deploy growth oriented design as a key component of your product strategy, and position your Android applications for aggressive growth. 

Platform experience is everything - Platform product design is no longer just an application but an experience that spreads across the entire platform. In this session we will explore new ways to integrate wearables with Android applications to drive experience.

Jacek Grebski, SWARM

Delivering growth strategy in today’s expansive digital landscape requires foresight, domain expertise, astute business sense and a realistic approach to technology. 

With over 10 years of experience in product innovation across technology-minded businesses, Jacek's built up a skillset that sits at the heart of SWARM, a digital creative company he helped found.

The methodologies he's developed for working with businesses resonate in the services that SWARM offers its clients. Discovery, design, and implementation are at the core of his work method, and a results-first orientated approach has time and again ensured that quick wins are coupled with a broader understanding of long-term strategic objectives that turn into market leadership.

Consistently pushing strategic growth forward is proving pivotal to competing in a world where upstarts can grasp sizable market share in what often seems like the blink of an eye.