The Geographic Approach to Android Development

Breakout - Upstairs Big 1:30pm

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Geography is helping us to better understand the earth and apply geographic knowledge to a host of human activities. The Geographic Approach provides a new way of thinking about problem solving by including geographic information, e.g. Location services, geofencing, geocoding, etc. Leveraging some of the core Android technologies like the Android location framework classes which define location based services on Android we can show how the Geographic Approach helps mobile workers make decisions. 

We can't always be within service range, so being able to take your data offline and continue to be able to work with it is an important part of the mobile ecosystem. We will look at ways to continue to work with your data offline to extend the Geographic Approach.

Dan O'Neill, Esri

Dan is the lead product engineer for the ArcGIS Android SDK. He has been working on Android for 5 years and led every release of Android for ArcGIS. Previously, Dan was a lead product engineer for Java developer frameworks for ArcGIS Server.